Cars for Marine applications


PLUG & PLAY cars

Wittur is one of the world’s leading providers of components and special solutions (door, car, sling ...) for applications of elevators installed on cruise ships and yachts.

Facility and speed of installation are always guaranteed with our passenger and service cars. 
All our cars are pre-installed in our plant, with slings already integrated, and sent to construction site ready for mounting.  

Our installation support team follows all implementation phases, in order  to guarantee the best result and customer satisfaction. 

Carefree from the plant to the most beautiful seas of the world!

We support architects and designers in all phases of design and planning of cars (technical drawings, 3D rendering, FEM analysis, design reviews).
We are also specialized to support you during installation and assembly phases with highly qualified technical teams. 

Passenger and panoramic cars

  • ​Top Design
  • Unlimited possibilities to customize 
  • High performances
  • Use of high quality materials

Service cars

  • Maximum resistance to intensive use thanks to options and materials, resistant to corrosion, impact, and easy to clean
  • High reliability and easy maintenance

Looking to the future

Easy and speed of installation will require a further push towards a 100% plug&play concept, where finishes and claddings will be applied directly in our plant. 

Wittur is already testing this type of supply with cars cladded with water-tight and weatherproof material. 

The modernization of interiors of cruise ships is an emerging trend and it will continue to grow in the next few years. Claddings, accessories and finishes of our cars can be easily modified. 

The walls can be completely dismantled and replaced with new design materials to create a unique environment, in line with the new aesthetics of the ship. 


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