Wittur MCS1 is a new range of modular cars based on an innovative fixing systems for car panels.

MCS1 fulfills all the requirements of the Lift Directive, as well as the EN 81-20/50:2014.

Installation of side walls is performed from inside the car with a reduced number of screws and special fixing kits.



Product Features

  • EN 81-20/50 certified
  • 180 kg - 1350 kg / ISO4190 Class I
  • Solution for reduced headrooms
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reduced installation time & arrangement needs
  • More aestethical interior designs and models
  • Standardized additional options
  • Innovative solutions and new technologies

Product Structure

  • Fixed area with flexible car dimensions
  • Pre-defined materials
  • Pre-configured models

  • Fixed area with flexible car dimensions
  • Materials can be changed with the similar ones
  • Additional standardized options
  • Limited customization possibility
  • Stainless / Color / Laminate / Glass model series

Floor and wall cladding materials

You can customize the floor and wall cladding materials for your MCS1 car by using our new Wittur Car Designer Tool.


Just an example of what you can reproduce ► 

Wittur Cars Designer

Cladding materials and special components with lead time informations in PDF format, please refer to the Download Section below.

Preconfigured Models

MCS1 is also available in a variety of preconfigured models including special materials and designs.

Amsterdam    Boston

Hamburg   Monte Carlo

* Check in the picture gallery or in the MCS1 catalogue for further information about preconfigured models.



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