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Finger safety device for door panels

Lock IP54 - Lock for waterproof applications

Angular or tubular frames

Finger safety device for door panels


WFSD prevents fingers to be trapped when dragged by glass panels, according to EN81 standards.

Thanks to a movable edge, the device reverses the panels motion as soon as it detects a contact between fingers and door frame.

  • Compliant with the requirements as per EN81-1 and EN81-2
  • Prevention of finger squeezing
  • Obstacles detection and immediate door motion reversion
  • Easy installation

Lock IP54 - Lock for waterproof applications

Special lock execution

The lock system "BT" IP54 is ideal for installations working in particularly wet and dusty environments, achieving protection level IP54.

It can be applied on old locks that need refurbishing.

  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Suitable for installations in wet and dusty environments
  • Easy installation
  • Compiant with EN81/72 (Firefighter lifts standard)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for modernization

Angular or tubular frames

Special frames

These particular types of frames are designed to simplify the modernization of existing lifts.

Their shape allows them to be installed in narrow spaces or to be hidden by architectural decorations.

Furthermore, their application on existing shafts is easier, since they can be fastened with standard screw anchors only.


Hidden sill

  • New technical solution available on Hydra and pegasus range of doors
  • Visually attractive, providing extra functionality in many installation situations
  • Attractive design of the lift system due to optical continuity between landing and cabin floor
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Perfect solution for lift installations in a dusty environment or installations with one or more outside landings
  • Ideal solution for bed-lifts in hospitals: reduced bumping when patients are carried on wheels
  • Available also in heavy loads execution
  • Central opening and side opening versions available (clear opening up to 1100 mm)


Titanium coated AISI 304 coloured stainless steel cladding

  • New high quality coloured stainless steel cladding with titanium coating
  • Mirror polished surface
  • Available colours: Red, Blue, Gold, Bronze, Blacj, Champagne

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