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Solutions for ship elevators


For more than 20 years Wittur has been offering to the customers its experience in the field of ship doors.
Its products can be installed not only in passengers and cargo ships and off-shore platforms, but also on some of the most prestigious cruise ships, where they offer their combined high traffic capability and refined aesthetics.

Versatility, reliability and robustness are the key features of Wittur landing and car doors for Marine applications.
Marine execution doors and operators have been designed and tested to work in extreme environments such as pitch and roll of the ship and to respond to the request for limited maintenance interventions (once per year).

All the components for Marine applications are compliant with Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and International Marine Organization (IMO) standards.

Wittur doors for Marine applications can also be equipped with the following optional executions:

  • Components completely in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
  • IP54 or IP65 executions (to guarantee a correct work in wet enviroments that are exposed to a saline atmosphere or to adverse weather conditions)
  • Explosion proof execution (especially in off-shore platforms or car ferries)
  • Car door operator is available with SUPRA and MIDI PLUS drives (brushless drives); wiring “halogen-free” is also available
  • Doors set to a rapid assembly in the "trunk"
  • Large diameter rollers (80 mm) for smooth and trouble-free operations
  • Special sills in stainless steel

There is also the opportunity to provide doors with any type of coating to meet high-level architectural requests with refined materials.

The doors are available in fire resistant executions according to MED and IMO standards; they are manufactured in two panels central opening and four panels. They are also available in telescopic one side-opening.



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