Pegasus Industrial landing door

Doors for freight elevators and industrial applications


Pegasus Industrial is the new Wittur door for freight elevators. Thanks to its reinforcements and specially designed components Pegasus Industrial assures the safest solution for industrial applications.


Durable and reliable


A reliable and robust structure designed for freight elevators and industrial applications.




A range of design solutions and options make Pegasus Industrial the ideal choice in case of freight elevator: reinforcement and “ad hoc” components assures the safest solution for industrial applications.


Wide range of doors


Wittur Pegasus Industrial is available in a wide range of door types to fulfill any installation requirement, with a wide range of fire certifications, vandal resistant executions, glass vision panels.


  • EN 81-1 + A3:2009
  • EN 81-2 + A3:2009
  • EN 81-20/50:2014
  • European Lift Directive
  • TP TC 011/2011
  • GB 7588


Fire and vandal resistant certifications

  • EN 81-58
  • BS 476-22
  • EN 81-71

Landing door features

  Standard Option
 Reinforced rollers  
 Reinforced guide rails  
 Reinforcements for forklift application on panels  
 Reinforcements for forklift application on frames  
 Emergency key on panel  
 Twin brackets  
 Reinforced aluminium sill  
 Sill with drainage holes  
 Iron / Stainless Steel sill  
 Lock rollers on bearings  
 Heated sill  
 Vision Panel  
 Anti-scratch painting  
 Reclosing system Counterweight  


Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
01/C  3201 01/C 1000 1800 2000 2700
11/L  3201 11/L 1000 1800 2000 2700
11/R  3201 11/R 1000 1800 2000 2700
31/L  3201 31/L 1000 2100 2000 2700
31/R  3201 31/R 1000 2100 2000 2700
41/C  3201 41/C 1400 3200 2000 2700
61/C  3201 61/C 1800 3200 2000 2700


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