Modernizations for existing lifts EN 81-80 / SNEL



Modernization of a lift system means a partial overhauling, where some previous components are kept in use.
The target of a modernization is to obtain modernized lift systems with safety and accessibility levels equal to new lift systems.

A modernized lift system uses newer technologies, is easier to operate, features a reduced energy consumption and is compliant to EN 81-80 / SNEL (Safety norms for Existing Lifts).

EN 81-80 / SNEL describes 74 hazards that must be removed. Existing lifts are being tested according to this hazard list by a certification body. The test result gives information about the current lift status and the list of components that have a higher hazard from a safety point of view. The higher hazard components must be replaced first.

Wittur has been supplying components and modernization kits for existing lifts for more than 50 years. By providing specific modernization kits for specific lift models, Wittur enables quick modernization intervention with a proven reliability.

Wittur sales network is at your disposal to assist you for specific modernization projects to find out the best solution for your requirements.

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