Wittur Electronic Overspeed Governor


  • Electronic overspeed governor for mainstream applications
  • Machine room /less installable
  • Single& bidirectional applicable
  • UCM certified acc. EN 81 + A3 and EN 8120/ 50:2014
  • Interface box with UPS for failsafe operation in case of power loss
  • Quiet
  • Best solution to obtain high safety level when modernizing an elevator
  • Detects overspeed and acceleration which results in instantaneous activation time
  • Mechanical & electrical redundant and continuous self-monitoring circuit system ensures 100% fail-safe operation (1 physical EOS + 1 virtual EOS)
  • Standard mechanical interfaces makes EOS easy to integrate with conventional elevator designs
  • Various electronic features available due to installed electronic (preventive tripping, construction mode = tripping at reduce speeds during service)
  • External encoder option for absolute car position acquisition
  • Same device is used for entire range of applications
  • Robust mechanical design with hardened pulley
  • Available as a package with tension weights, accessories, fixings
  • Complete traceability of the production of main components from raw material to final product with coding system stamped to each unit to enhance safety standard
  • Very high safety factor which exceed EN 81 rules
  • Compliant with requirements of Lift Directive and EN 81-20/ 50:2014
  • 100% tested and checked at factory


Technical Features EOS 200

Rated speed V
0,15 - 2,5 m/s
Tripping speed Vmax
0,52 ... 4,62 m/s
Min. brake force of the governor
500 N / 800 N : unidirectional tripping
500 N : bi-directional tripping
Rope diameter d
d = 6,0mm / DB = 200mm
d = 6,5mm / DB = 203mm
Max. travel height
80m - 120m : unidirectional tripping
120m : bi-directional tripping


Technical Features EOS 300

Rated speed V 0,15 - 2,5 m/s
Tripping speed Vmax 0,52 ... 4,62 m/s
Min. brake force of the governor 500 N 
Rope diameter d
d = 6,0mm / DB = 288mm
d = 6,5mm / DB = 291mm
d = 8,0mm / DB = 300mm
Max. travel height 80m  : unidirectional tripping
120m : bi-directional tripping

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