OL100 / OL120

For high speed and high rise applications


  • Engagement of the safety gear in down direction
  • Overspeed contact operated in up and down direction
  • Outline dimensions do not change over whole speed range
  • Tripping possible at any point along perimeter of governor pulley
  • Pull through force created by jaw type rope brake
  • Pull through force continuously adjustable between 1.100N to 2.100N
  • Suitable for conventional elevators with machine room but also for MRL-elevators
  • Wide range of options like base plates, tension weights are available, providing maximum flexibility
  • Component certified according to directive 95/16/EC (Lifts)
  • Meets code requirements of EN 81 and ASME A17.1; also available with Russian and Korean Type Examination certificates

Technical Features

Max. permissible rated speed v
11,47 m/s
2000 fpm
12,66 m/s
2300 fpm
Max. permissible tripping speed v1
13,20 m/s
2400 fpm
15,84 m/s
2760 fpm
Permissible rope diameter
8 - 10 mm
3/8” (9,5mm)
10 - 13 mm
3/8” , 1/2” (9,5 , 13 mm)
Pull through force
1100 - 2100 N
262 - 462 lbs
1100 - 2100 N
262 - 462 lbs

Subtect to change without notice

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