Bidirectional progressive safety gear




  • Safety gear acting in both upward and downward directions
  • Innovative and patented system: progressive braking power is generated by expanding the C-profiled safety gear main body, which is acting as a C-type spring
  • Lightweight design: no additional spring elements required
  • Increased running clearance between brake linings and guide rail avoids risk of scratching brake linings or unintended tripping
  • Comfortable floating suspension ensuring simple and accurate alignment in relation to guide rail
  • Easy adjustment for guide rail size and shape (movable safety gear blocks)
  • Whole load range split up into steps so that no additional adjustments needed within one load step
  • Standard fixing via separate housing below car frame
  • Integration in vertical/horizontal frame beams available as option
  • Wide range of options available as safety gear housing, synchronization linkage, governor rope fixing or safety switch

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