CSGB 01/02/03

Progressive Type Safety Gears


CSGB 01 / 02 / 03 are progressive type safety gears. Braking force is generated through a combination of disc springs and braking elements always in pairs and activated by a movable tripping wedge. The braking force is adjustable by the disc spring assembly.
They have a simple and compact design for easy installation in different positions on car slings or counterweight frames.

Product highlights

  • Down direction
  • Versatile installation: can be installed either in a separate housing or on the vertical beam of the car sling or of the counterweight frame
  • Low release force from gripped situation
  • Sufficient running clearance in order to avoid unintended gripping
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Complete traceability of the production of main components from raw material to final product with coding system stamped to the parts to enhance safety standard
  • Can be applied to all kinds of guide rails and conditions (oiled, dry, machined, drawn)
  • Very high safety factor which exceeds EN 81 rules
  • Compliant with requirements of Lift Directive and EN 81-20/50:2014
  • 100% tested and checked at factory

Technical Features


max. elevator speed [V max] CSGB 01 2,37 m/s (drawn)
2,63 m/s (machined)
min. mass to be gripped [Fmin] CSGB 01 575 kg
max. mass to be gripped [Fmax] CSGB 01 2700 kg
max. elevator speed [V max] CSGB 02 3,55 m/s (machined)
min. mass to be gripped [Fmin] CSGB 02 1130 kg
max. mass to be gripped [Fmax] CSGB 02 3500 kg
max. elevator speed [V max] CSGB 03 3,83 (drawn)
4,45 m/s (machined)
min. mass to be gripped [Fmin] CSGB 03 2650 kg
max. mass to be gripped [Fmax] CSGB 03 5500 kg
width of guide rail head (k) 9/10/15,88/16 mm
max. activating force of the governor 2100 N
temperature during operation -5° ... +55°C
temperature during storage -40° ... +70°C
max. air humidity 95% / +25°C
93% / +40°C






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