Guide rail Brake for ascending car overspeed protection


  • Compliant with Lift Directive 95/16/EC and EN 81-80
  • EBRA20 is acting in upward direction on car guide rails
  • Ascending car overspeed protection
  • Braking force is generated by two spring-loaded brake shoes, which are kept open via electromagnetic coil
  • Placed on upper cross beam of car frame structure
  • Released by signal of overspeed governor contact
  • 3 standard types of adapter plates for fixing to car frame structure available: easy and fast installation
  • Acting also as sliding shoe on car frame
  • Perfect solution for modernization: covers wide range of requirements


Technical features



Max. nominal speed
v = 2,0 m/s
Q =
240...2000 kg
Max. nominal load:
                              1 brake
1000 kg
                              2 brakes
2000 kg
Applicable width of guide rail head (oiled)
k = 7...19 mm
Min. width of guide rail running surface
n = 29 mm (k=7-8)
         "             "            "             "
n = 30 mm (k=11-13)
         "             "            "             "
n = 31 mm (k=14-16)
         "             "            "             "
n = 32 mm (k=19)
Max. guide shoe forces during load
4000 N
Max. guide shoe forces during normal run
2000 N
Weight per EBRA20
30 kg
Power supply
230 VAC +15%
Battery for emergency power supply
24 V; 2,1 Ah
Power usage (continuous use)
25 W per Coil

Subject to change without notice



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