ESG Electromechanical Safety gear



Wittur ESG is a breakthrough safety system solution for new elevator installations.

Its reliable braking element is combined with the latest SIL3 position and speed detection and electromechanical gear activation: overspeed governor, tension device and rope loop are no longer needed, and more shaft space can be used for the car.

Advanced self-monitoring routines and automatic setup with shaft dimensions determination ensure a fast and easy installation and a reliable fail-safe system. Safety electronics also combine additional functions: UCM detection, absolute shaft encoder, door zone switch, shaft end switches. A backup battery is supplied in the electronic interface box to ensure operation also in case of power loss.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Shaft efficiency: more space for car
  • Cost savings due to less components into the shaft: no Overspeed Governor no Tension Device no Governor Rope loop
  • Maintenance cost savings due to absence of overspeed governor, rope and tension weight
  • Safety electronics also combine additional functions UCM detection Absolute shaft position Door zone switch Shaft end switches
  • Compliant with EN 81-20/50
  • ESG stopping and holding element compliant with EN 81-21 (reduced pit and headroom)

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