Safety Clearance System for pit or headroom


HSG-HSK allows to comply with EN81 rules even when the space in the pit or in the headroom would be too narrow to grant service man's safety.

When a landing door is opened with the flush key, the device is activated and prevents the car to reach the bottom or the top of the shaft by swinging blocks.

  • Feasible installation both in the pit or in the headroom
  • Compliant with requirements as per LD 95/16/EC (EN81)
  • Compliant with requirements as per EN81-21 for existing buildings
  • Solution for risk # 14 of EN81-80 standard (SNEL)
  • Suitable for every type of lift
  • Full automation: activated by opening of lower landing door
  • Emergency unlocking device for all conventional makes of doors
  • Self-monitoring: switched on and off at every car run
  • Easy engineering



Technical features

With PU-buffers Ø 125   h 100 mm rated speed
0.2 - 1.0 (EN81)
P+Q max
2972 kg (EN81)
With oil buffers max. rated speed v
1.6 m/s (EN81)
P+Q max
6000 kg (EN81)

Subject to change without notice
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