• Safety gear acting in downward direction
  • Constant brake force generated by preloaded disk springs
  • Steady deceleration along whole braking distance
  • Designed to avoid wearing marks to guide rail
  • Several options for different applications are available

Technical Features

Max. nominal speed
v = 8,00 m/s
Max. tripping speed
Vmax = 10,50 m/s
Applicable widths of rail head (type: machined/not lubricated)
                     - Simplex
k = 16 mm / 19 mm
                     - Duplex
k = 16 mm / 19 mm
Min. width of guide rail running surface
n = 30 mm
Max. mass to be gripped (P+Q):
                    - Simplex
Fmax = 1500 - 5000 kg
                    - Duplex
Fmax = 9500 kg
Approved according to
European Lift Directive 95/16/EC
Applicable standards
European Standard EN81

Subject to change without notice




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