Special Components



A long experience in the lift business enables Wittur to perform special “tailor-made” project to produce unique lift components that can be fully integrated in prestigious buildings.

Wittur cooperates actively with architects and designers to translate aesthetic ideas into performing systems and to raise the value of each project.

The availability of components with a high aesthetic appeal such as glass and glass-framed panels, round doors, panoramic glass cars, combined with Wittur expertise in tailoring the execution of each single component, means that no limits are set to the quality level that it is possible to obtain.

Wittur is also a supplier of peculiar components for lift used in very special markets:
  • Marine lifts compliant with MED (Marine Equipment Directive) IMO (International Marine Organization) standards
  • Freight lifts, which can rely on the availability of heavy load gearless drives and hydraulic solutions
  • Inclined lifts that can be adapted to the physical features of the installation environment

For these special projects Wittur can capitalise on innovative solutions and specific safety components from its more than 300 international patents.

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