The product type JADE is a cantilevered, machine roomless passenger lift with very flexible dimensions. Optional through car, adjacent openings or loading from three sides are possible.

At a glance:
  • Duty Load from 250 kg up to 1600 kg
  • Travel height 35 m for 250 kg up to 1050 kg; travel height 45 m for 1275 kg up to 1600 kg
  • Speed 1,0 m/s and 1,6 m/s (optional 1,75 m/s)
  • Synchronous gearless drive
  • Doors centre opening or side opening (depends on type)
  • Though car and adjacent entrances (loading from three sides on request) optional with selective door controller
  • Modern bus controller
  • Engineered to lift directive 2014/33/EU and EN81-20/50 or acc. to Gost P53781-2010

  • Evacuation control EVA
  • EN81-70:2003 and EN81-70 / A1:2004
  • EN81-71:2005 and EN81-71 / A1:2006
  • Fire-fighter lift compliant with EN81-72:12.2003
  • Reduced shaft head and minimized shaft pit for 630 kg and 1000 kg possible
  • Safety gear on counterweight (on request)
  • Though car with selective door controller

Controller technical data
  • Compact design
  • Basic position in the door frame at the uppermost landing door
  • Material of the controller in door frame identical to the door frame
  • In case of reduced headroom, the cabinet is positioned outside the shaft (400 x 250 x 2050 mm); Cabinet primed or in stainless steel hairline; Key locked in compliance with EN81-20; Variable positioning up to max. 11,0 m away from basic position
  • Levelling with open doors
  • Emergency evacuation function with indication of speed, turning direction and door zone
  • Evacuation of passengers by emergency power supply 230 V (UPS) also in case of power failure
  • Intercom between cabin and controller cabinet
  • RCD for controller voltage and cabin light
  • Plug-and-play controller SMART-Com Bus-technology (enables short installation time)
  • Pre-wired flat travelling cable
  • Landing operation panels (LOP) and cabin operation panels (COP) pre-wired and plug-in type
  • Absolute shaft copy system

Drive technology
  • Field-oriented frequency inverter, operation from cabinet possible

  • Compliance with EN81-70
  • EN81-70:2003 and EN81-70 / A1:2004
  • EN81-71:2005 and EN81-71 / A1:2006
  • Third intercom outlet
  • Automatic evacuation function to the next landing
  • Lift monitoring
  • Group control
  • Plug-type shaft light

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