With its variable car and shaft dimensions and configurations along with low pit and headroom requirements, the Home Lift QUARTZ can be easily integrated into existing buildings. The unit is low maintenance and can be installed in short site times. Capacities between 250 and 500 kgs are possible with a speed of 0.15m/s. Doors can be side or centre opening and can provide front only through or even open adjacent options. The field orientated frequency inverter provides a quiet and extremely smooth ride.
The range of finishes available in the Quartz allows the choice of complimentary finishes within existing and new surroundings.
A Home Lift is ideal for:
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Persons with reduced mobility
  • Senior citizens
  • Families with small children in pushchairs
  • Carrying the shopping
Application areas for Home Lift in public sector
  • Small administration buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Nurseries
  • Community centres, churches
  • Museums or libraries
  • Leisure or sports halls

Home Lift in private houses, offices or residential buildings
  • Multi-floor houses and apartment buildings
  • Retirement homes and medical centres
  • Small office buildings
Most important features at a glance
  • Duty loads from 250 kg up to 500 kg
  • Travel height min. 0,50 m, max. 20 m
  • Speed 0,15 m/s
  • Shaft head min. 2450 mm
  • Shaft pit min. 100 mm, max. 400 mm
  • Synchronous gearless drive
  • Door centre opening or side opening (depends on type)
  • Through car / adjacent entrance possible
  • Modern CAN-Bus-controller
  • Door safety screen acc. EN81-70
  • 230 V 1 phase 50/60 hertz
  • Nominal power 0,5 KW
  • 90 starts/ hour
  • 20 % switched on time
  • Disabled-friendly execution acc. EN81-70:2003 A1:2004 (option)
  • Type certified in accordance with machine directive 2006/42/EG and EN81-41



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