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1st National Vocation Skills Competition for Elevator Installation

The press conference and training camp opening ceremony of the 1st National Vocation Skills Competition for Elevator Installation was held by Mechanical Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Guidance Center, in Chongqing Energy College, 11th -12th April, 2015.

The competition is the highest level of Chinese elevator industry in vocational skills contests, attracted more than 68 teams (nearly 300 people) from the major national elevator companies and installation companies. The final competition was held in Chongqing, on 16th -19th May; it consisted of theory test, 3D virtual simulation elevator installation, and hand-on installation.

As one of the main co-organizers, Wittur provided Augusta landing door and Hydra plus car door for the module 3 –Installation and Adjustment of Landing door – and module 4 –Installation and Adjustment of Car door.  

Wittur expects to help the new generation of elevator installation professionals to be quickly familiar with the work environment through practicing installing Wittur door products during the training and competition.

Li Zhihong, dean of Elevator College, explained that 710,000 sets of new elevator were installed in 2014 in China, and a yearly growth trend of 15% was foreseen which causes a  gap of  500,000 elevator installation and maintenance personnel.  And now, the gap becomes the bottleneck of the elevator industry development. The elevator installation quality was a continuation and crucial point of the manufacturing, which not only relates to elevator life cycle, but also to the operation performance and elevator safety. Wittur group is committed to “Safety in Motion”, and pay great attention to everything related to the elevator safety. Wittur wants thus to support professional skill talents cultivation, and therefore, the safety of the final elevator.
Wittur appointed its own technical service to support the participants and solve any small issue due to mishandling during the competition.
During the closing ceremony, Wittur was presented with the “Outstanding Contribution Award”.
For more information of the National Vocation Competition Skills for Elevator Installation, turn to http://www.rendianti.cn