Inauguration Wittur China Phase II

Suzhou, Wujiang, May 15th, 2013


On May 15th, 2013, the “Inauguration Wittur China Phase II” will be held in the production facilities of Wittur Elevator Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. located in FOHO Economic Development Zone, Wujiang. An official opening ceremony for the newly built plant section will be held on site for the first time since the foundation of Wittur China’s operation and it will be witnessed by many, including Wittur’s board members, management, senior officials of local government, Chinese customers of Wittur China and key vendors.
Wittur Group is a leading global producer of elevator components, operating in more than 50 countries worldwide with its 10 production and 20 trading companies. Wittur China was established in 1995: after 18 years of growth, the brand “Wittur” enjoys the highest reputation in the lift marketplace, standing for quality, reliability, safety and technology. Wittur China operates 9 branches and one large production plant in China, which extends over an area of 89,000 m2. Construction works for the Phase II factory extension started with a foundation laying ceremony on July 2nd, 2012. The new area is now ready and will be immediately put to use, a proof of Wittur Group’s endorsement of the growth perspective of the elevator industry in China. “The new Wittur China Phase II production facility represents an important part of Wittur’s commitments to China” , says the CEO of the Wittur Group Dr. Walter Rohregger
Commitment I: Provide Chinese customers with a growing range of products and services. Introduce new production lines and new techniques and adapt them to the production of the diversified Wittur door systems, with a particular focus on the localization of Wittur high-end lift door products. Moreover, the localized production of other lift products will also be started in the new production areas.
Commitment II: Exceed customers’ expectations. The newly-built Phase II factory has improved logistics and maximized productivity while complying with all safety and quality requirements. IT infrastructure of the whole factory has been comprehensively upgraded, which provides the guarantee for the good performance and steady production output and lays the foundation for future further capacity expansions.
Commitment III: Understand and support the important development opportunities of Chinese lift market. Wittur China has received constant backing up from its European Centers of competence since its foundation, and has now turned to be the main hub of Wittur operations in Asia Pacific under the management of Mr. Sergio Biglino, Vice President for Asia Pacific.
Commitment IV: Provide Chinese customers with high quality products that comply with the current and future lift standards and directives. Further improve the overall quality and range of products offered;  further develop the Chinese R&D team and Test Center to enable upgrading of existing products and the development of new products.
Commitment V: Human resources are on the top of Wittur’s list of priorities. With the new factory extension Wittur is going to create more working opportunities and provide more training services for staff, including the new  “Wittur Academy China” training program and other multi-functional training programs to effectively improve the professional skills of its employees. In addition, Wittur will make constant efforts to continuously improve the working conditions of its factory so as to provide its staff with a better working environment.
Commitment VI: Focus on energy saving and environmental friendly technologies to offer “green” products built in a “green” production plant. As a result, Wittur has been granted the “A” classification for energy efficiency according to the norm VDI 4707 for many of its products. In response to the ecological and environmental strategy of Wittur, the Phase II plant hosts a new “phosphate free” paint line with 100% waste water recycling.
On May 15th, a technological seminar on Wittur’s door products at the newly established “Wittur Academy CHINA” will also be held following the official opening ceremony. Since its entry into China Wittur has become the leader of the elevator components industry due to its constant commitment to provide Chinese customers with products and services offering “safety, reliability, long life cycle, energy saving, care for the environment and innovation”. The completion of the Phase II factory marks a milestone in the 18 years’ history of Wittur in China and also represents the starting point of a new era.

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