Innovation: Augmented Reality applied to Lift

Sematic presented at Interlift a revolutionary approach to lift door maintenance and installation


Many industries have explored the application of Augmented Reality for procedural tasks in manufacturing, installation, diagnostic and maintenance. This technology is available to everybody by related glasses, which give users valuable, additional information on products and processes, guide them in performing operational tasks and allow them to work hand free!For the lift industry this innovative technology is a new frontier that Sematic has started exploring by developing an AR-tool for lift door configuration, data-recovering, trouble-shooting and remote assistance. At Interlift 2015, Sematic presented a demo of the tool, a possible application of Augmented reality technology to lift doors maintenance and installation.  Through AR glasses visitors could interact with a Sematic door systems and check its main parameters of functioning. If there was any alarm or problem, users could solve them through a step-by-step, guided process, which was displayed on the glasses screen, while working on the components, hand-free. And finally an expert can support by the glass display acting in remote assistance. The benefits and potential savings given by this new, innovative technology are enormous and can represent a first step in the future for the entire industry.AR tools augment the user’s physical interaction possibility with the lift by information on maintenance steps, real time diagnostic data and safety warnings. The virtualization of the user environment allows off-site collaborators to remotely support. All this improves productivity, accuracy and safety. Additionally, the integration of real-world knowledge with 3D virtual world provides opportunities for training or simulation purpose.

“Audience’s response to our AR demo at Interlift was extremely positive, a lot of demonstrative sessions took place during the exhibition days and we had many inquiries about the future development of our AR tool”, explained Dr. Giuseppe De Francesco, Sematic R&D Director, “We believe that this new technology can revolutionize our industry and can be applied not only to maintenance and installation tasks but also to a wider range of applications and contexts such as training, system testing and qualification, spare part management, allowing to simplify working processes as well as share experiences and best practices on safe working”.

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