LM Liftmaterial launches Onyx!


LM Liftmaterial GmbH, Sematic complete elevtor division based in Pliening (Munich), has launched at Interlift 2015 the Onyx; a new, machine-roomless, central guided passenger lift characterised by an innovative drive technology that provides very efficient operation.

Already engineered and certified according to the new European standards EN81-20 and EN81-50, Onyx guarantees quiet and very smooth rides; it’s the right choice for those customers who consider low-level noise and high-quality comfort as extremely important.

The main features of this product line include duty loads up to 1000 Kg, a maximum travel height of 45 meters and speeds ranging between 1,0 and 1,6 m/s. The Onyx is equipped with fully automatic doors with 2 or 4 panels –  telescopic or central openings –  (Sematic 2000 C-MOD as standard for automatic doors) and with single or opposite entrances cabins.

Thanks to the high flexibility of its innovative design and configurations, the Onyx can be supplied also with minimum headroom (≥ 2500 mm) and reduced shaft pit (≥ 400 mm) depending on speed and cabin finishes. Compared to other lifts, Onyx offers a wider range of finishes and options that are designed to maximize safety for users and to enhance the passengers’ travel experience, such as the panoramic configuration with framed glass doors and cabin rear wall in glass.

Furthermore in the Onyx also safety is approached in a pioneering new way; the lift uses an absolute shaft positioning system to accurately monitor in real time the position of the lift within the shaft and can offer pre-opening doors as standard.

Last but not least, besides the innovative technical features, LM Liftmaterial has developed for the Onyx a client-oriented distribution channel, which allows transparent order processing procedure with direct preparation of the installation drawing. The system generates drawings, documentation, quotations and allows access to certificates for this type tested product.

For more information please contact LM Liftmaterial sales department at info@lm-liftmaterial.de

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