Second Conference on Standardization and Lifts Engineering

Tel Aviv, February 12th, 2014


 The Second conference on Standardization and Lifts Engineering was held on February 12th, 2014 at the City Tower Events Centre, Raman Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel.
The conference was organized by The Standards Institutions of Israel; lectures were given by experts from all over the world. 
Mr. Wolfgang Adldinger from Wittur gave a presentation about “Equipment and compliance of Elevators to Amendment 3”, which illustrated the UCM concept and the various technical solutions to achieve an even higher level of safety in every elevator installation. 
UCM (Unintended Car Movement) is defined as a non-commanded car movement with open doors away from the landing position in up/down direction: the cause of some accidents in elevator installations.
EN 81-1/2+A3 standard, published in December 2009 and mandatory since 01.01.2012, introduces new safety devices in new elevator installations to detect a car movement while the elevator is on a floor with open doors. In case of movement, the UCM device activates a safety brake to stop the car and keep it stopped. Installations of UCM solutions with components from different suppliers are subject to certification for each single installation, while certified packages are tested beforehand and guarantee safety without the need to certify each installation.
WITTUR was the first company to supply a certified UCM package with Wittur components in May 2011.
An audience of over 300 people attended this conference, including professionals from the elevator industry, as well as inspectors, construction companies, lifts consulting companies, public institutions and government officials.

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