Wittur at World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2012

Guangzhou, China, May 16th – 19th 2012


As one of the world’s leading supplier of component for the lift industry, Wittur will be present at World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2012, one of the most important international trade fairs for lifts, escalators, components and accessories, scheduled to be held from May 16th to May 19th, 2012 at Pazhou Exhibition Centre in Guangzhou, China.  
Wittur booth (No. 2302) will present the latest innovations introduced by Wittur Centers of Competence in the context of “world wide wittur” product development. Lift safety, high performance components, energy efficient solutions and special expertise in niche products will be among the highlights of Wittur exhibits.
Wittur production site located in Suzhou is always focusing on providing China market with global high performance products and leading components technology, seeking for joint success with China elevator manufacturers.
WEEE visitors will be able to experience four themes respectively presented by four symbolized corners at Wittur Group booth: Safety Components, High Performance, Energy Efficiency, and Special Expertise custom designed for China market.  
The “Safety Components” section will display “Wittur outstanding safeties”, including Wittur latest release - the UCM solution for protection against unintended car movement, which consists of the electronic overspeed governor EOS and the bi-directional progressive safety gear BSG-25P. A selection of Wittur safety components will also be on display, including  the mechanical overspeed governor OL35, sliding guide shoes, roller guide shoes, the SGB range of safety gears, the Wittur progressive safety gears USG-25P, BSG-25P.
 “High Performance” booth section will thoroughly demonstrate Wittur’s strength in this field. Wittur will  present high-end lift components developed for high rise applications such as Pegasus HR door, safety components and the powerful and energy efficient WSG-29 gearless drive
Energy Efficiency section will focus on the advanced technologies Wittur has achieved in these years. This section will display the WSG-S series of energy-efficient gearless drivers, including the debut of WSG-S0. WSG S0.3 is a space-saving, energy-efficient and high quality gearless drive ideal for home lifts and residential buildings. ECO+ and MIDI+ brushless door drives with energy efficient operation and 0 watt standby capability  are also going to be demonstrated at Wittur booth.
The “Special Expertise” section will host some special samples, such as Wittur round glass panoramic lift car and LUNA underdriven round glass doors . Wittur is also going to display Wittur fire rated doors to demonstrate its expertise in dealing with special applications, such as the fire rated landing door in glass framed version certified in compliance with Russian code and EN81-58 code. Moreover, the Pegasus, 61/C central opening doors available up to 4500mm Clear Opening, will be presented at the booth. Visitors can gain full experience and understanding about Wittur’s interpretation of high technical standards into real application.
During the exhibition, Wittur is going to hold a seminar about “Strongest protection to elevator passengers”. Experts from Wittur Europe and China will deliver their presentations and join in discussions with participants about the development and vision of the elevator safety technologies.
Wittur China would like to take this opportunity to continue the communication and exchange with our customers, as we believe that close collaboration with our customers is the key to the excellence.

We Look forward to meeting you at WEEE2012, GUANGZHOU!

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