Wittur components for Lisbon Metro

Wittur components extensively used for a modernization project for Lisbon Metro


Wittur has been selected as one of the main components supplier for a modernization project for Lisbon Metro.

Glass framed doors supplied by Wittur are being installed instead of the previous stainless steel ones to offer enhanced security and comfort to the more than 500,000 daily customers of Lisbon Metro.

The installation demonstrates the flexibility of Wittur service, as they provided a consistent door look for elevators built in different stages by different manufactures.

Wittur scope of supply for this project includes glass framed car doors and glass framed landing doors in both standard and fire-cutting executions.

Lisbon metro construction works started in 1955 and the first two lines started operations on Dec 29th, 1959. The four Lisbon subway lines total about 39 kilometers in length with more than 50 stations.

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