Wittur introduces AUGUSTA EVO door for residential market

October 6th, 2014


Wittur is committed to offer the highest degree of safety and quality in each elevator market segment. In the spirit of continuous improvement, AUGUSTA EVO, a brand new Wittur door for residential applications, is available for sale starting on October 20th, 2014


Reliability by design
  • Compliant with EN81-20/50 with an additional kit
  • Proven reliability and durability of selected components
  • Cataphoresis painting of mechanism to increase corrosion resistance
Easy maintenance
  • Easy access to all wearing parts
  • Same wear and tear components for central and side opening to simplify spare parts warehousing
Fast installation
  • 3D adjustment possibilities
  • Reduced depth and height
  • Reclosing device integrated in the mechanism assembly
  • Carton package, easy to handle on site
  • Fixing accessories for each component available in separate containers
Comfort and performance
  • Big diameter rollers reduce operating noise
  • Sturdy plate design reduces operating vibrations
  • 3D adjustments allow perfect panel setting
Augusta EVO available range includes central and side opening panels, clear opening 800 – 900 mm and clear height 2000 – 2100.
Further Augusta EVO executions and door dimensions will be introduced in the next future.

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