WITTUR Italy: what’s new 2012/2013

September 20th and 21st, 2012


WITTUR S.p.A. invited their Italian customer to discover new products for 2013 on September 20th and 21st 2012 in their recently updated showroom at Wittur Spa production facility in Colorno, Italy.

What was new:
  • Modernisation of lift components: our solutions.
  • Machine room less lift solution, MRL 1000 kg: official launch in the Italian market.
  • Our DOORS: last executions and certifications for every market requirement.
  • Our CARS: new modular concept, official launch in Italy of the MCS1 car.
  • Overcoming architectural barriers: YSEL, new revolutionary device, come and see it.
  • New GEARLESS WSG S.0: light, compact and reliable.
  • Hydraulic solutions for Homelift and HI pump unit with inverter.
... and that was not all!

10.30 - Welcome by Wittur Italy Sales Management: the new organisation, introduction to the day program.
11.00 - A3 Certification: the situation in the Italian market.
GIOVANNI CAPUANO, Member of the UNI Lift commission.

Each day featured a planned visit to the production plant.
Wittur would like to thank all attending customers!

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