​C-MOD door now available with Wittur ECO+ drive

October 31st, 2018


Wittur announces today the availability of C-MOD car door with Wittur ECO+ drive available as option.
The new option brings together the reliable and space saving mechanical structure of C-MOD and the best-selling Wittur drive: a new offer with distinctive technological advantages.
C-MOD will be available for two and four panel executions in a range of dimensions from 600 to 850 mm Clear Opening (2000 to 2150 Clear Height) for two panels central opening and from 600 to 1200 mm Clear Opening (2000 to 2200 mm C.H.) for two panels side opening and four panels. A three-panel execution with ECO+ as option will be announced later.
Wittur ECO+ brings the most recent Wittur drive technology to C-MOD: a power efficient drive system, very reliable and with a very low operating noise. As a further option, C-MOD can be delivered with CANbus connection to be included in a remote control system for predictive maintenance.
The new option shares the same fixation points of standard C-MOD car door, therefore no changes in the installation procedure are required. The electronics can be installed on top of the operator or on the car roof according to space requirements.

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