​Wittur invests in a Global Technology Centre in Bergamo, Italy and the reinforcement of the Sematic brand

August 6th, 2020


August 6th, 2020

Wittur announces today that they will shortly be opening a Global Technology Centre in Bergamo, Italy. The Global Technology Centre forms part of Wittur’s plan to put partnership with customers front and centre of its vision.
The centre will house global teams from Application Engineering, Product Development, R&D and Special Projects. It will be a place where customers can visit and mix with experts from across the globe in all aspects of lift development in specially designed product creation spaces. University partnerships will be announced shortly. By mixing customer views with all aspects of lift design and development, Wittur believes it can shorten the product development lifecycle and bring more value to its customers faster.
Tom Stephenson Wittur’s CEO commented; “The Wittur and Sematic product portfolios collectively represent best of breed in elevator components in the market today. We intend through this investment to make sure that this remains the case for years to come”
The Global Technology Centre will also be used to reinforce the core strengths of the Sematic brand, whose heritage combines deep engineering expertise especially in high rise and special projects, with customized service levels; and underlines Wittur’s commitment to the Sematic portfolio of products.
Tom Stephenson Wittur’s CEO commented; “the Sematic brand occupies an important part of our portfolio of products and resonates deeply with many customers globally. It is our intention to continue to invest in its ongoing development.”

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