“Advancing the Elevator Industry”: Wittur Virtual Event

Online - 26/28 October, 2021


With more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions behind us, Wittur Team now used to meet customers in increasingly innovative ways, making the most out of digital communication technology.

For this reason, Wittur organized a global Wittur Virtual Event, involving customers from all over the world.

In the same days during which the elevator industry representatives use to gather for the Interlift exhibition -  now postponed to April 2022 - Wittur prepared for its customers a rich agenda of presentations and a chance to gather in a newly developed virtual platform.

During the event, Wittur CEO, Tom Stephenson, introduced Wittur strategy to advance the elevator industry, then Wittur unveiled some of the latest innovations in our product offer, such as:
  • Wittur SMART (IoT), the new “easy to use” application that is bringing the power of data to the elevator industry with a hardware-software combination that offers tangible benefits for installers and end users;
  • The mechanical packages and spare parts strategies;
  • The new gearless drives WSG-TR for the modernization of belt driven elevators;
  • The OL20 mechanical overspeed governor for residential applications;
  • The new cars portfolio and online cars designer, a new powerful tool that allows customers and sales teams to simulate the results of aesthetic choices and combinations available in Wittur range;
  • The latest special projects.
Moreover, the event gave customers the opportunity to participate in local and regional sessions to get to know better the services and added value of Wittur local sales network.

During the first week the agenda included live Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation and some customers scheduled one-to-one sessions with the speakers. 

All the contents of the eventare now available as “video on demand” on the same platform at wittur.campusplatform.it until November 15th.

This is great opportunity to attend all sessions at your preferred time of day.

In case you have some questions, you can ask directly through the platform using the “send a question” pushbutton;  Wittur Sales and Technical Teams will come back to you.

Thank you to all participants and let’s stay connected on Wittur Social Media and on Wittur.com to keep in touch for future events!

Wittur: Advancing the Elevator Industry!

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