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Sweden - December 2022

Hydra landing door sustainability assessed by BVB Sweden

Wittur Hydra landing door was assessed by Byggvarubedömningen (BVB) Sweden, and has received the assessment "Accepted" (yellow). Hydra landing door was examined on chemical content, life-cycle, and sustainable supply chains.

The project, started in March 2022 as a result of a request from Sweeden trading, was initiated by Janne Piiroinen and Matthias Hansson of Wittur Sweden. The analysis and submission of product data was performed by a cross functional team from Wittur Italy including R&D, IE, HSE, purchasing departments with the coordination of Artur Wrobel and Elena Morelli from R&D team and Ayperi Sevincli, Corporate Sustainability Manager.
The activity included checking the composition and chemical contents of each single component of Hydra door, as well as an evaluation of any chemical substance used on the product line that might get into contact with the product and all the environmental aspects from production process.

Hydra landing door and all associated data are now part of the BVB database and are available to all companies striving to install more sustainable elevators. Works are already underway to assess also Wittur Pegasus landing door in the near future.

BVB association was formed in 2007 and launched a standard for environmental assessment of building materials, assessment criteria for products and started publishing a database of all assessed products.

BVB checks chemical contents of each product and all chemicals that get into contact with the product in its production cycle; specific criteria for lifecycle aspects are then taken into consideration, as well as packaging and sustainable supply chains.

BVB ultimately contributes to making it easier to build sustainably.
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