Opening Mod Center and Showroom in Wittur Africa

19th January, 2021


Our Wittur Africa Sales Team has inaugurated a brand new Mod Center and Showroom in Meadowdale, close to Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. 

The new facility will give Wittur Africa's customers not only the possibility to experience our complete range of products and services but also to benefit a new space for meeting and networking.

The Mod Center and Showroom will be used for product presentations, technical sessions and first-hand trinings on our main product families, from doors to machines, from controllers to safeties, from modernization solutions to sapres. 
A simulator will also give the visitors the chance to see how our components work perfectly together in complete/-sub systems.

Check the video to discover more about our new Mod Center and Showroom and schedule your visit according to the current safety measures.

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