Record edition for Wittur CUBE @ Interlift 2019

October 15th-18th, 2019

Once again, the 1500 sqm Wittur CUBE was the focal point of the Interlift 2019, the international trade fair for elevator components that took place at Augsburg Exhibition Center from October 15th to 18th, 2019.

Visitors coming from Europe and beyond were able to touch and feel Wittur extensive range of products, which were arranged in six theme areas: #systems, with Wittur W line and W line EQ elevator packages with Wittur components; #drives, with the new WSG-RF compact gearless drive for residential application; #modernization, hosting specialized components for elevator overhauling; #safeties, with the full range of shaft equipment and safety gears.
#Doors had a unique placement and took center stage in the “Doors Avenue” crossing the whole Wittur CUBE with the complete range of Wittur doors, from residential to special applications.
One highlight of the Wittur CUBE was the presentation of several “digitally-enabled” products in the #Innovation area. This area included a live demonstration of remote condition monitoring of a Wittur drive hosted at Wittur Dresden factory. Moreover, visitors could wirelessly connect to a sample of Wittur digitally enabled ECO+ door drive with their smartphone.
Finally, a working demo was available to show the innovative safety concept of Wittur EOT absolute positioning device coupled with ETM electronic trigger module that activates CSGB-03 safety gear in an electric safety chain that dispenses from overspeed governor, rope and counterweight.
Hosted in the #specials area alongside two panoramic cars with distinctive design and two peculiar door designs, Wittur Digital Car Experience became the "not-to-miss" exhibit of the entire event.
A Wittur car was fitted with three mirror walls equipped with 6 monitors using LU-VE Gateway technology. Visitors experienced several unique environments with sights, sounds and smells: from a walk in the forest to the winter train trip, from a high-rise panoramic ascent to a minute on the international space station. A long queue of visitors waiting to get in formed on all four days of exhibition: you can find their experiences in a wealth of posts on social media.
Technical presentations of Wittur at VFA-Forums in Hall 2 included:
  1. "The Unification of Elevator Norms and Codes: Current Status and Future Developments” by Giuseppe De Francesco;
  2. "Digitalization and its influence on Elevator Components, by the example of Doors Operators and Safeties” by Karl Kriener and Martin Zellhofer;
  3. "Elevators as an Element of Style” by Andrea Bondavalli.
A big “Thank you” to all visitors from the Wittur Team @ Interlift: we look forward to meeting you in the future and providing you the best-in-class support you expect from Wittur.

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