Serving Wittur customers through our digital channels

How Wittur Sales & Marketing teams stay connected with customers during Coronavirus


The Covid-19 outbreak has changed completely our way of working: normal activities such as having a meeting or paying a visit to a customer / supplier have become a bit more complicated to arrange than before.

In this changing scenario, our teams, and above all those that are in close contact with customers, have had to find new ways to proactively maintain and nurture our business relationships.

During the Covid-19 crisis, our Sales & Marketing have kept our external communication channel with our partners, through, our social media and regular emails, always open and updated. They shared all the activities and contingency plans we have implemented to limit the spread of Covid-19 within our Group, whilst continuing to serve our customers.

Remote working has allowed us also to continue helping our customers 1-2-1 even from distance.
And thanks to video calling with Teams, also the face-to-face experience has not got lost.

But the crisis has also opened new and creative ways to promote our products and share the know-how of Wittur experts with customers and industry representatives.

In the past weeks, the Marketing Communication team have created and launched through Wittur LinkedIn and Facebook accounts a series of technical webinars that are allowing our customers (and potential new ones) to know more about Wittur innovative solutions and services.

A new format that, making the most of Microsoft Teams features, includes interactive presentation sessions followed by real-time Q&A, which is proving to be very successful.

On April 30, the two sessions of the first webinar about our electromechanical safety gear, ESG, led by Andreas Guster with the support of Karl Kriener, were attended by customers from all over the world.

On May 15, it was the turn of Roberto Visco and Arthur Wrobel, who presented the modernization solutions available through the use of Wittur Fineline® doors. Many customers actively participated in the two sessions with lot of interesting questions and comments.

Next appointments will be on May 29 and June 12 with sessions respectively on doors for special projects and gearless drives.

Click here to register for the May 29 Webinar “Looking for something special. An overview on Wittur doors for special projects”.

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