Understanding Elevator Doors - Safety, Performance and Fire Resistance

24th February, 2020


EECMAI (Elevator & Escalator Component Manufacturers' Association of India) is organizing a series of webinars on a list of relevant topics for the Elevator market in general and the market trends specific to India.

In the latest webinar of the series, which took place on Feb 24th and was moderated by Tak Mattews, Giuseppe De Francesco, VP Research and Development Wittur Group, and Deepak Prashanth, R&D Manager Wittur India, contributed to the topic “Understanding Elevator Doors - Safety, Performance and Fire Resistance” with two presentations.

Deepak Prashanth discussed in detail the performance criteria for elevator doors, including impact and deflection resistance of the door panels, door lock integrity, obstruction detection.

Giuseppe De Francesco delivered a presentation about Fire resistance certification of elevator doors, including the dynamics of fire spreading in a building, the different fire resistance certifications worldwide and the key aspects of fire resistance for elevator doors: sustained flaming, gap gauge, radiation flux, gas leakage rate, fire hose stream, applicability to metal and glass panels.

If you are interested, you can watch the webinar video recording from this link.

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