Wittur announces market launch of its brand new heavy-duty machine WSG-52

Dresden, January 11, 2017


Wittur announces the launch of their high-rise gearless traction machine WSG-52. The WSG-52 marks the top of the gearless machine range of Wittur Electric Drives GmbH based in Dresden, Germany. With a nominal torque of 9.200Nm in the WSG-52.3 execution, this machine is designed to lift as much as 9.800kg in 2:1 roping. The travelling speed goes up to a breath-taking 12m/s (in 1:1 applications) which places Wittur in a unique position as independent component manufacturer.
Its solid design with a nodular-graphite cast iron housing, centrally fixed traction sheave and up to 4 safety brakes allows 520kN shaft load. Rope tension in all directions is a well-appreciated standard for all Wittur gearless machines, as well as for the new WSG-52. The optimized electrical design guarantees high efficiency and smooth ride comfort at lowest noise levels. In order to further increase the high reliability of the machine, all brakes are constantly monitored with a secondary switch for wear detection.
Other product features include:
  • Synchronous 20-pole motor with high-efficiency permanent magnets
  • Insulation class 155 (F)
  • Forced air cooling, low-noise ventilation
  • Various electrical options regarding speed, voltage, feedback system
  • Electro-magnetic dual-circuit safety brakes, optional manual brake release
  • Can be used for UCM solution
  • Customized traction groove profile design
  • Optional bed plate
The EC type examination according to EN 81-20/50 has been completed in 2016 and the machine is now released for sale worldwide. The Wittur sales team is happy to answer all requests or perform a traction calculation for specific customer application.
Contact: sales.wed@wittur.com
Media Contact: carlo.ferrari@wittur.com

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