Wittur original Spare Parts: the best fit for your maintenance and modernization projects


Wittur ensures the long-term availability of original spare parts for all its elevator products. Using original spare parts is a guarantee of safe operations, continuous efficiency and best performance for your elevators.

There are three main reasons to buy Wittur genuine spare parts:
VALUE. Wittur spare parts are designed according to our engineering expertise, upgrades and new features not available elsewhere. Only this will guarantee you optimal operational performance at all time.
LESS DOWNTIME. We have well-stocked spare and replacement parts inventories – and when the parts you need are readily available, you can keep downtime to a minimum.
CUSTOMER SERVICE. When you buy parts from Wittur, you treat yourself to an high level of customer service that only the company that built the original equipment can provide. We give you not only a product but also excellent support, thanks to our after sales technicians and local sales team.

Discover Wittur SPARE PARTS services:
  • Professional consultancy by experienced technicians
  • Dedicated service for fast solutions and express delivery
  • Guidance for parts replacement according to the latest norms and lift directives
Preventive maintenance kits are now available! Our dedicated spare parts teams are available to support your requests. You can contact them at info@wittur.com



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