Wittur training days. South Africa, here we come!


At the end of 2017, Wittur Sales representatives toured the major cities in South Africa, Cape Town and Johannesburg, for extensive training sessions on our Modernization products and services offer. Actually, South Africa and neighboring countries are becoming more and more driven by the modernization business development thanks to a high market maturity level and a steady economic growth.

During the training events, Arnaldo Almeida, Africa & Portugal Sales Manager, and Sandro Pinto, Front Office Representative, met our key customers in the region and explained the 5 strategic pillars that lay behind Wittur Modernization concept: Doors Modernization Kits, Mechanical Modernization Kits, Electrical Modernization Kits, Aesthetic Modernization Kits and Spare Parts Kits.

The participants’ feedbacks were extremely positive and enthusiastic. New training sessions will follow in the next weeks, not only in South Africa, but also in other parts of the African continent. Don’t miss the chance to join the next events!


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