Wittur WSG-SF: Introducing Our New Generation of Servogearless Machines

May 30th, 2017


Wittur Group is pleased to announce the global launch of its new range of servogearless traction machines: Wittur WSG-SF. EN 81-20/50 certified, the new series is the perfect solution for any applications in the low-rise segment and available in 4 versions according to the different rated loads:
  • WSG-SF.1 - up to 375kg
  • WSG-SF.2 - up to 500kg
  • WSG-SF.3 - up to 750kg
  • WSG-SF.4 - up to 1250kg
WSG-SF solid design includes a nodular-graphite cast iron housing, free flying traction sheave and sealed bearings that allow 26kN shaft load over the whole range. As for all the other Wittur gearless machines, the new WSG-SF series come with rope tension in all directions as a standard. The optimized electrical design guarantees high efficiency and smooth ride comfort at lowest noise levels.
Product highlights include:
  • Synchronous 16-pole motor with high-efficiency permanent magnets
  • Insulation class 155 (F)
  • Various electrical options regarding speed, voltage, feedback system
  • Electro-magnetic dual-circuit safety brakes, optional manual brake release
  • Optical absolute encoder
  • Various traction sheave options available
  • Drive package with specific inverter available
WSG-SF can also be used for UCM solution.
The WSG-SF is replacing the current servogearless machines WSG-S0.x and WSG-S1.x manufactured by Wittur Electric Drives GmbH based in Dresden, Germany.
Ask the Wittur sales team for a quotation or a personalized traction calculation for special application at sales.wed@wittur.com

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