New assembly-line training room and program unveiled at Wittur Italy in Colorno.

Elevator World - February 2022


Author: Carlo Ferrari - Corporate Marketing Communication Manager

Wittur Italy in Colorno has started a project in cooperation with the Kaizen Institute of Bologna, Italy, aimed at better structured and more effective assembly-line operator training.
The project was a training-within-industry workshop, a method born in the U.S. during World War II to improve production in companies by adding new people to production lines. The aim was to train them in the shortest time possible to do things they had never done before.

The focus of our project was to develop a standard initial training program for all new operators of Wittur Italy assembly lines.

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What is Kaizen?

According to Kaizen philosophy, the improvement of systems, programs and people is a continuous, ongoing process. Kaizen originated as a Japanese business approach. The word translates to the phrase, “change for the good,” in English. The philosophy involves employees at all levels of both manufacturing and service organizations creating a culture of ongoing refinement and optimization. — Purdue University

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