Unknown but indispensable!

Appartement & Eigenaar (Apartment & Owner) November 2009


Although the company exists for almost 50 years, Wittur is still not a famous name for the average apartment owner. Mr. Ed Deijkers gives the explanation: “Our name is on the backside of the lift”

Wittur has many multinational lift companies as a client, but the name is “over shadowed” by the names of the lift installation companies whose name is always inside the lift car.

April 2010 Wittur BV celebrates their 50th anniversary. Originally the company was named Bot lifttechniek , founded in 1960. In 2001 the company goes with the name Wittur. German “Gründlichkeit” is where they go for. They supply lift components en complete lifts. From big to small, electrical or hydraulic, you can find it there.

Mr. Deijkers tells us about the company. Our main product is automatic lift doors. In the past year we produced and sold approx. 800.000 doors and we are one, maybe the biggest, player(s) in the market. In Holland and Belgium the market for us is still growing, but world wide we are one of the biggest.

We are manufacturer and trader , this means that we can deal with bigger groups of customers.

What do we do? From marine applications to high rise with travel heights to 100 meter. Lifts with speeds till 6 m/s. And also the renovation market is for us a big issue. We offer the lift installer, and his customer of course, a choice in products, especially adapted to their needs. Not always easy for us, but it’s worth it.

We have close cooperation with a lift controller manufacturer from Turkey.
Last year they produced approx . 13.000 controllers, which creates a very good quality / price ratio and is very suitable for the apartment owner lifts.
We give on these products the same warranty as the more valuable German products.

Two years ago we introduced very slim automatic lift doors. These doors close the car entrance and the shaft and fulfill all the requirements of the lift directive and national laws.

We have looked and listened to the renovation market and are able to supply a complete automatic lift door package car and landing door with a total depth of 115 mm, in comparison to the standard measures of 210 mm this is really a big advantage.

Of course energy saving is a big issue nowadays. We developed a blue modus, which means that the energy consumption is minimized during no lift use, even the car light will be switched off. This Blue modus has energy class A.

Beside this we have developed gearless drives. The lift motor drives directly, by help of a sheave, the ropes of the lift. Normally the gear of a machine consumes approx. 40% of the produced energy from the motor. The use of our motor can reduce the energy consumption better than 20% of the costs. Especially the starting currents are reduced dramatically.

Last but not least I want to mention the existence of remote lift controller software of Böhnke.

The lift “manager” has with this software more “grip” on the lift behavior and the use of it. Also lift maintenance is now better to understand and they can control the need of it. At the end maintenance, depending on the use of a lift, is mostly the most efficient way to do it. This software helps to get that goal.

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