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Mexico, May 2023

A Safe Year For All! Wittur Mexico Reached 1 Year 0 Injuries Target

A safe & healthy workplace is a prerequisite for Wittur. Our commitment to Health and Safety at the workplace is a full-time job, we work hard to reduce and prevent the risks of accidents and injuries related to health and safety in the workplace.

We are proud to announce we add another plant to our proud list because Wittur Mexico reached the 1 Year 0 Injuries milestone! At the beginning of the journey, the goal was to raise awareness amongst the employees with the aim of zero injuries through several initiatives.

The way to zero injuries requires dedication and hard work, during the last year several initiatives and best practices took place in Wittur Mexico, and the team mainly focused on 2 topics.

They did a risk assessment from scratch and implementation of the mitigation activities. HSEQ Manager, Lidia Sandoval organized weekly Safety Talk meetings with the leaders and they set a topic each week. After team leaders deployed and emphasized the ''topic of the week'' to their teams. Safety Talks have been a motivational inspiration for our colleagues in order to walk together towards a common goal and it have been an effective way to underline the importance of safety.

In order to celebrate a great achievement, our management team and EMT gathered together with Wittur Mexico's team via a Teams meeting and showed their appreciation to them.

Ayperi Sevinçli hosted the online event, at the beginning Giorgio Scarabello took the stage and expressed his opinion and pointed out 2 years 0 injuries as a new target. Vincenzo Bruno highlighted the team's difficulties during the past years and congratulated every team who contributed to reaching the achievement. Our CEO Tom Stephenson underlined the importance of the zero accident goal, and at Wittur we consider health and safety a critical part of our company culture. Our Chief People Officer Åsa Lautenberg complimented the team’s great work and encouraged them for the next challenges. COO, Hans Königshofer celebrated the Mexican team in their local language and last but not least Plant Manager Spain, Jose Antonio Ostariz thanked Efrain Castillo, Plant Manager Mexico, and his team for their efforts toward the achievement, 

Congratulations to the entire team for bringing this zero-accident achievement and their commitment to safety at the workplace.

Let's continue our journey toward "Two Years Zero Injuries".