Wittur Tools
Italy, June 2023

New Packaging

We’re excited to launch our new packaging solution! We are welcoming the new spare parts packaging. 

The driving force behind this project is to increase Wittur’s brand awareness and image. Therefore, the new boxes were developed with the aim of underlining we are One Wittur and that we provide 100% Wittur original spare parts with advanced technology. With this transition, all European entities will use the same design to deliver our spare parts. On our new design, new packages will have the Wittur logo and a QR code that will lead our customers to witturshop.com. 

Protecting People and the Environment is a core Wittur value therefore our new cardboards are 100% recyclable and produced with FSC-certified paper material.  The supplier of the new packaging is a so-called «benefit company» whose corporate purpose includes acting in a responsible and sustainable way. 

New boxes will be available in four different sizes: we estimate 70% of the spare parts orders will be covered by the new packaging.

Thanks to double-wave technology our boxes are now more robust and provide safer transport and reduce potential damages during delivery.

This project will also give us advantages in optimizing the supply chain processes and in achieving economies of scale.