Wittur Tools
Italy, July 2022

New Water Dispenser

Plastic pollution has become one of the most important environmental problems, both because of its seriousness and because it has been ignored for too long.

As of today, 396 million tonnes of plastic are produced annually, only slightly more than 20% of plastic is recycled or burned down, for a total of 150 million tonnes of plastic dispersed in our oceans.
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Wittur aims for a better green, sustainable and plastic free approach: the use of plastic still has a very serious impact on the environment, destroying entire ecosystems.

For this reason we installed a water machine in our Wittur GTC break area in Seriate (BG) - Italy and we provided to all employees a brand new Wittur bottle.

The water distributor is the perfect eco-friendly solution and ensures a clear reduction in the accumulation of waste (especially plastic bottles and cups). The dispenser also allows the distribution of fresh and filtered mineral water.