Wittur Tools
India, June 2022

Wittur India Celebrates the 2022 World Environment Day

At the beginning of June individuals and companies in all the countries of the world celebrated the World Environment Day, under Only One World theme with the focus on "Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature'', a crucial topic for the future of our planet. 

Wittur India embraced the initiative and organized a series of activities to increase awareness on use and misuse of plastics as well as to motivate eco-friendly behaviors among our employees.

The celebration started with displaying the Environment Day banner at the entrance of the plant and shop floor.  All employees have received communication on Environment Day theme subsequently Operations Manager and QHSE Head gave a speech regarding Environment and Its Importance.

Afterwards with the aim of creating awareness on environment and corbon footpring, environment day pedges distrubeted to the team

During the celebrations
  • X300 plants
  • XApproximate 1000 seed balls
  • X30 seeding tree saplings
  • are provided for customers, suppliers, and employees.

Last but not least, Wittur India initiated the My Tree Campaign, which is similar to My Machine, this year Wittur India planted 30 tree samplings including SSC buildings by employees to increase the green belt.

The trees are grown well, and it gives us hope for a sustainable environment.