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Italy, July 2022

Wittur Italy Supports Diversity & Inclusion @ Colorno

Wittur Italy visited the Non-Ti Scordar Di Me (Don't Forget Me) Association in Colorno to see first-hand the presentation of the new van which was acquired thanks to the support of local companies, such as ours.

Diversity & Inclusion represents a key aspect of equality and social and economical integration. The van will be used as a means of transport for people who have disabilities and limitations in mobility, to carry them around for sportive, recreational and social activities within the community.

Since 2015, Wittur Italy has been supporting the association through donations and voluntary work such as spending one hour per week as a voluntary service to the association.

After the break due to the pandemic, the projects and cooperation accelerated again.

Wittur Italy will continue to support further projects from Non Ti Scordar Di Me Association.