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Slovakia, May 2023

Wittur Slovakia: Better Environment, Better Wittur, Better Future

April was a special month for Wittur, during the month in different sites we are running different initiatives aiming to highlight the critical role of sustainability for our business.

Prior to focusing on Wittur Slovakia's engaging Earth Day initiative, we would like to thank our colleagues for their contribution and best practices.

In cooperation with the municipality and local companies, Wittur Slovakia sponsored an event mainly dedicated to children, and their education on sustainability. On this occasion, various activities took place on Friday, April 21, 2023.

The Earth Day program prepared for children from schools and kindergartens was very interesting for young men and women and the series of events helped them better understand our Earth's worth and treat it with care. The children were divided into different areas of the city and worked in groups. They collected garbage from nature and learned how to separate waste in a proper way. They found an opportunity to discover local plants, trees, and flowers.

The young environmental advocates are inspired by different presentations on critical topics for the future of our earth and they solidified their knowledge with numerous enviro games.

Better Wittur, Better Environment, Better Future, we are going to save the earth together!