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Wittur Production System

The Wittur Group strives to achieve its vision of  'Safety in motion' by always offering high quality products with best-in-class service, all over the world.

Wittur Production System (WPS) was created to achieve consistently efficient processes in all Wittur production facilities; it uses the Lean production criteria.
By analysing production processes and putting into place a strict employee training programme, Wittur has implemented a continuous improvement process focused on customer satisfaction.

Lean production implies that the whole organization and its functions are focused on the same target; the system has been accordingly set up in all Wittur production facilities worldwide to obtain the same product quality and the same process efficiency.

Lean production means that every single employee is engaged in the achievement of targets; moreover, a step-by-step improvement process is implemented to identify and improve the added value activities for customers.

The results: high product quality, high flexibility, fast service and on-time delivery.