Founded: 1977
Address: Via Macedonio Melloni n° 12, I - 43052 Colorno (Parma), Italy
Surface: 58.000 m² (32.300 covered)

Tel. +39 0521 3111
Fax +39 0521 311200

Center of Competence Door Systems

Environmental policy


The Wittur S.p.A. production plant has established the following principles and guidelines regarding Environmental Policy as part of its activities to design and manufacture automatic doors, cars, frames, elevator components, mechanisms and operators, accessories and spare parts.

The Wittur Group:
  • Is fully aware that the Environmental Policy represents an important factor in all its activities;
  • Aims to achieve excellence and high performance and to be considered the best in its field;
  • Is proud of developing and producing products and systems for the safe, sustainable mobility of people and goods;
  • Believes that the development of innovative solutions is a key factor for durable success;
  • Searches for the optimization of environmental compatibility in all its activities;
  • Is committed to 'Continuous Improvement' throughout the whole organization.

Wittur S.p.A. is committed to:
  • Pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance by minimizing, where technically and economically possible, any negative impact of its activities on the environment;
  • Ensuring that its activities are undertaken according to current laws and codes of practice;
  • Implement and maintain an effective Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 requirements;
  • Plan its environmental targets and goals, develop and implement them, check them continuously and apply, if necessary, the appropriate corrective actions.

In particular, Wittur S.p.A. aims to:
  • Reduce the consumption of energy, water and materials;
  • Improve waste management reducing the quantity and encouraging recovery and recycling, if necessary, through even better differentiation;
  • Plan, specify, share, communicate and supervise the environmental targets for all functions;
  • Verify the achieved goals compared with targets;
  • Promote the involvement and training of its employees in environmental matters;
  • Maintain a constructive relationship with local government, local community, and with groups and individuals who have an interest in the company's environmental performance.

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