Wittur maintenance kits for elevator doors

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Doors are some of the most used and abused components in an elevator. They open and close hundreds of thousands times annually, and are the only part of an elevator system that moves twice each time a car reaches the desired floor. Passengers keep them open when loading and unloading goods, stop them from closing to allow additional passengers in, luggage, wheelers and carts bump into them frequently. 
If we add ordinary wear and tear of their components, it is easy to understand why doors are involved in more than two-thirds of all elevator maintenance calls! 
Elevator doors require routine maintenance and adjustments to ensure that they open and close evenly. Damage to door components can cause significant performance issues, severe enough that a shutdown is inevitable or an entrapment becomes possible. 
Preventive maintenance is the best solution to keep elevator doors in tip-top shape and avoids costly refurbishments or even unexpected callbacks. 
In order to help elevator technicians performing preventive maintenance duties, Wittur has recently launched a series of maintenance kits prepared and configured according to our 100+ years of expertise in elevator door design and manufacturing. 
The kits include all the door parts more subject to break under intense use and are the ideal tool for not only routine preventive maintenance but also for improving door system reliability and keeping their performance at their best over time. 
  •  Available for Selcom and Sematic best-sellers (Hydra, Pegasus, C-MOD, B-G, B-HR), each kit is packed with all the elevator door parts you need for a specific execution and configuration 
  • From experience of the product use and data collection of door operating parameters, the kits combine a good selection of parts (rollers, guide shoes, belt, ropes, switches, etc.) that are most likely to wear out after intense use over time in car or landing elevator doors 
  • Prepared according to our decades-long expertise in the elevator door business, the kits are ready to use and will help your planned maintenance activities, keeping intervention time and costs under control! 
  • Keep your elevator doors operating at maximum efficiency 
  • Reduce breakdowns / elevator downtimes and unexpected repairs 
  • Stock optimization: all elevator door parts in single boxes according to door model and execution 
  • Time reduction compared to the ordering of single parts
  • Avoid costly refurbishments and premature breakdowns
1027440 HYDRA 01/C 2 panels 
1027506 HYDRA 02/C 2 panels 
1027449 HYDRA 11/R-L 2 panels 
1027509 HYDRA 12/R-L 2 panels 
1027468 HYDRA 31/R-L 3 panels 
1027513 HYDRA 32/R-L 3 panels 
1027475 HYDRA 41/C 4 panels 
1027532 HYDRA 42/C 4 panels 
1027538 PEGASUS 01/C 2 panels 
1027572 PEGASUS 02/C 2 panels 
1027548 PEGASUS 11/R-L 2 panels 
1027577 PEGASUS 12/R-L 2 panels 
1027562 PEGASUS 31/R-L 3 panels 
1027579 PEGASUS 32/R-L 3 panels 
1027568 PEGASUS 41/C 4 panels 
1027582 PEGASUS 42/C 4 panels 
W000ABDD01 B-G Car Door 2/3 panels 
W000ABDD02 B-G Car Door 4/6 panels 
W000ABDD03 C-MOD Car Door 2 panels 
W000ABDD04 C-MOD Car Door 3/4 panels 
W000ABDD05 B-HR2 TOP & MED Car Door 1/2 panels 
W000ABDD06 B-HR TOP & MED Landing 1/2 panels 
W000ABDD07 B-G Car Door 2/3 panels 
W000ABDD08 B-G Car Door 4/6 panels 
W000ABDD09 B-G Landing 2/3 panels 
W000ABDD10 B-G Landing 4/6 panels 
W000ABDD11 B-G Landing 2/3 panels 
W000ABDD12 B-G Landing 4/6 panels 
W000ABDD13 C-MOD Landing 2 panels 
W000ABDD14 C-MOD Landing 3/4 panels 
W000ABDD15 B-HR TOP & MED Landing 1/2 panels
Your Wittur local representatives are available for more information and can guide you through our spare part offer. Call or email us today and discover the best way to plan your next maintenance visits with everything you need at hand!


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