Firefighters elevator doors according to EN 81-72:2003



Wittur R&D activity is constantly focused in developing solutions for Safety.

A Firefighter Elevator is a system that, in standard conditions, is used by passengers, while, in event of fire, it is used by Firefighters who can change its operating mode thanks to special controllers. The elevator has to be equipped with peculiar signs and protective devices and has to work in extreme conditions as described in the norm EN 81-72:2003.

Wittur supplies a wide range of doors suitable to be used in Firefighters Elevators according to the norm EN 81-72:2003.

The main features are:
  • all finishes and executions available in the catalogue
  • landing door clear opening not smaller than 800 mm
  • mechanism with waterproof wiring and IP54 protection for electrical contacts and landing operating and indicator panels
  • label above each mechanism, next to the door lock, with a diagram to explain how to unlock the landing door
  • car door clear opening not smaller than 800 mm
  • car door operator with IP54 protection for door drives and electrical components

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